Designs with Purpose
Castlerock Designer Homes was created to offer discerning homeowners well-crafted homes with a sense of design and permanence. Our homes marry functionality and efficiency with the rich beauty and excitement architecturally pleasing designs.
We are a custom home designer that gives you what you want from start to finish. Our state-of-the-art 3D design software shows you exactly what you are building before the first nail is driven. Your custom home design will be as unique as your signature.
Materials of Permanence
Reflecting our name, our designs incorporate the use of permanent time-proven materials like stone, granite, marble and heavy hardwoods with . . . 
Creative Methods
The latest architectural techniques and design details are thoughtfully implemented to yield . . . 
Exciting Results
Welcoming front entries, interior archways, courtyards, terraces, functional kitchens, relaxing baths, water features and more. 

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This page was last updated: December 10, 2016
Let Us Bring Your Dreams to Life!
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D  E  S  I  G  N  E  R   H  O  M   E  S
After all, your home is your castle!